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Tom Brady is not a team player

October 23, 2009

This is why I can’t stand Tom Brady

Tom Brady, on his way to London for the Patriots game, is the only player special enough to need a fancy suit. Photo courtesy Barry Chin, Boston Globe.

Tom Brady, on his way to London for the Patriots game, is the only player special enough to need a fancy suit. Photo courtesy Barry Chin, Boston Globe.


Mini-Belichek, even down to the hoodie…

April 3, 2009

New coach Josh McDaniels has sure put his stamp on the Denver Broncos. He’s already signed 12 new free agents. He alienated his pro-bowl QB, Jay Cutler, and yesterday traded him away for some draft picks and Kyle Orton.  I’ll leave it to the media to analyze the trade and the status of the team, but I do want to point out that McDaniels is emulating his mentor (Bill Belichek) as far as attitude goes (hardass and unforgiving in his interactions with the media and with players who don’t buy into his philosophy).   Now he’s even wearing the hoodie sweatshirt like Belichek, though McDaniels’ is quite a bit newer and less ratty.

How screwed are we?

December 17, 2008

I was watching “The Week with George Stephanopolous” this weekend and was struck by a comment made by Paul Krugman (recent recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics).  He said, “Hardly a day goes by that I don’t fire up my browser and start my morning with an expletive.” He was referring to the daily barrage of bad economic data that we have been experiencing recently.

I know things are bad, but when one of the top economists puts it that way, it makes me even more pessimistic.

Zidane Awarded Golden Helmet

July 10, 2006

Despite losing in the World Cup Final to Italy yesterday, Zinedine Zidane has been lauded with awards today. This morning, it was announced that he had been awarded the Golden Ball (awarded to the tournament’s MVP). Now, we are thrilled to break the news that Zidane has also been awarded the Golden Helmet (see image below). The Golden Helmet, a trophy that looks like the World Cup Trophy with a gold viking helmet affixed to the top of it, is a new award. From now on, it will be awarded to the player who has had the biggest impact on the tournament with his head.

Zidane was proud to be the first player ever to be awarded the Golden Helmet. While he was lovingly caressing the trophy, he paused on the long white horns and said, “I mean, I know I destroyed Marco Matterazzi when I headbutted him, but imagine the damage I could have done with a helmet like this. This really would have taught that Italian ogre to say stuff about my mother.”

FIFA officials admitted that they had originally created the award to reward players for scoring goals or making brilliant passes with their heads. Said Sepp Blatter, FIFA president, “Ideally, this award would have gone to someone who had scored two or three goals with their head during the tournament. Heck, we were even considering awarding it to someone who just ‘used their head’ and played a smart game of soccer. But, in the end, we had to stick to the true language of the award and give it to the player who had had the biggest impact with his head. Really, can anyone argue there was a more momentous use of one’s head than when Zidane knocked Matterazzi off his feet with a headbutt to the sternum? And Matterazzi is no small guy!”

zidane awarded gold helmet

Zidane proudly displays his Golden Helmet Award

Baby Panda

July 10, 2006

If you get bored at work and want to watch a black and white bear follow it’s mom around all day, you can watch the Panda Cam at the Smithsonian National Zoo (scroll halfway down the linked page to see the little bugger in live action). Enjoy.

baby panda

Intriguing Offal Breaks Through

July 3, 2006

Finally, some recognition for this blog. I slave away at least 1 hour / week on this puppy, and, up until now, have yet to reap any profit or praise for my work. I was just days away from quitting blogging altogether, when I received a notice asking me to fly to LA for a blog festival award ceremony at the Kodak Theatre (all expenses paid). Unfortunately, I will have to accept the award by videoconference, because I have to meet with my colleagues on the Nobel Prize committee to begin reviewing this year’s nominees. Right after that, I have to fly to Berlin for the World Cup Finals. They’ve asked me to take Barthez’ in place in goal (if the French make it), or to be the center ref (if the French don’t make). I’m still quite honored by the blog award, though. Also, check out the sweet banner they made for my blog. I think I’ll tatoo it on my back.

Heart Healthy Pork

May 17, 2006

That's right, folks.  Researchers at the University of Missouri have created genetically engineered pigs that they hope will produce pork chops and bacon that will be better on the ticker than normal pigs.  Most of us have heard of omega-3 fatty acids and the positive effects that they can have (reduced risk of strokes and heart attacks).  These omega-3 fatty acids are more prevalent in fish than in our other, more terrestrial meat sources.  However, now, thanks to the genious of biotechnology and genetic engineering, scientists have inserted the gene that converts omega-6 fatty acids (bad) into omega-3 fatty acids into fetal pig cells.  They cloned these cells and raised ten little piggies.  Six of the piglets had increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Apparently, pigs often have coronary heart disease and die younger than they should.  So a telling sign for these researchers will be whether these six pigs outlive their omega-6 rich clones and have fewer heart problems.  As an aside, it makes you wonder if the ham you ate this morning on your McGriddle sandwich came from a pig that had a heart attack.  That can't be good…