Where I’ve Lived

I often find myself thinking about who people are in the context of where they’ve lived. I think that where you’ve lived adds a lot to how you relate to other people and how you deal with the situations with which you are faced. I decided to make a map of the places I’ve lived (see below). Some notes about the map to help you interpret it:
1) The bubbles are scaled to reflect the amount of time that I lived in each place.
2) The numbers on top of (or next to) each bubble indicate the ages that I was when I moved to that place and when I left.
3) To simplify, any time that I moved somewhere that was close to the previous place (like Palo Alto to Menlo Park), I just lumped the two addresses into a single location.

Some comments on my life based on looking at my map: 1) I’ve moved across the country a lot, but, since graduating from high school, I’ve always lived on the coasts (except for a brief couple of months in Jackson Hole in college).
2) I always say that I’m not a huge fan of New England, but I’ve amassed some pretty big bubbles out here.

What does your map look like?

My "GeoMe" Map

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One Comment on “Where I’ve Lived”

  1. T*Nyce Says:

    My map looks like your map, except cooler.

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