Still dreaming about homework

Granted, I’m back in school again, but I am not taking classes, so it’s crazy that I’m still having dreams about forgetting homework assignments. I’ve been having this recurring dream for at least the last month (maybe longer), where I keep remembering that I haven’t done my calculus homework and it is due today. It’s really stressful because in the dream I’m like two or three weeks behind on the assignments and I know I’ll never finish them before the due date.

Two weird things about this:
1) I haven’t taken calculus in like 10 years and it was never hard for me and I always cruised through the homeworks, so I can’t imagine why I would be stressed about it.
2) had a post about this recently and it wasn’t until I saw this post that I realized I’ve been having this dream.

still dreaming about homework...
still dreaming about homework…

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