Finally, someone using a robot the way a robot should be used

First off, sorry about the delay in blogging. I was busy quitting my job and got distracted from the more important things (like sharing worthless information with total strangers on the internet).

Anyway, on to the sharing…

I saw this article the other day about a Japanese researcher, named Hiroshi Ishiguro, who had created an android version of himself. It’s not really that exciting that someone has made a robot that looks like a human, because, in my opinion, we’re technologically deadened by the cool new gadgets that come out literally every week. Well, that and the fact that the free world has been run by an android for the last 6 and 1/2 years:

Bush the Robot

A couple of things about the Japanese android and his creator struck me as cool and interesting. First, the guy actually sends to robot to do his work – fullfilling the dreams of every kid who has had to mow the lawn, of every college student too hung over to go to the early morning lecture, and of every corporate employee who would rather be sitting at the beach instead of sitting in the weekly “customer service and support” meeting.

Ishiguro has set up the android to be able to mimic his voice, posture, and lip movements. It has a built in microphone and speaker system so that he Ishiguro can plug in his laptop from anywhere in the world and literally be the robot. So cool.

The second thing about the Ishiguro and his android that struck me is how they kind of look like the Japanese version of Christopher Reeve.
Robot and creator

A man and his robot – I’m pretty sure that’s the robot on the left, giving the “Blue Steel” look.

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