Travel Policies and Prohibited Items

I’m going camping at Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California this weekend. We’re taking a ferry out to the island and when I was making my reservations today, I noticed this extremely thorough list of prohibited items (see below):

Acids, batteries, boxes (except those containing apparel or mechanic’s tools), camp stoves and lanterns (except electric or when propane or butane canisters are removed), charcoal, chinaware, human corpses, construction materials, cots, dangerous articles, explosives, firewood, fireworks, food stuffs, furniture, gambling devices, gasoline, glass or glassware, guns (loaded), household articles, inflammable materials, internal combustion engines of any kind, jewelry, kerosene, liquids, lumber, matches, merchandise, motorcycles, nails, outboard motors, perishable articles, paint, paint thinner, private papers or articles of extraordinary value, produce, televisions (except portable), tires, trail bikes, typewriters (except portable), and wire.

If you didn’t catch it, read again, but look in the “c’s.” That’s right, they prohibit you from carrying human corpses on the boat. Now, I’m not exactly a world traveller, but I have been to a few places, and I’ve never even thought of transporting a human corpse somewhere. I don’t even know why someone would want to take a human corpse on the ferry to Catalina Island. Burial at sea? Strange cult corpse ritual that must be performed on a moonlit night on an island in the Pacific? Don’t want to leave the corpse at home with the dog for the weekend and couldn’t find a spot in the kennel for Fido so you had to bring the corpse instead? I can’t figure it out. Not to mention the fact that the baggage requirements state that each person only gets 2, 70-pound-maximum, 21x24x36 inch bags. I don’t even know if you could fit a corpse in a bag of that size.

I wish I knew the story behind this rule. I wish I knew the stories behind lots of weird rules.

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5 Comments on “Travel Policies and Prohibited Items”

  1. Kari Says:

    I will bet you that it’s the buriel at sea thing. It’s the only thing that makes logical sense. Creepy tho, that they feel they actually have to put that in the list.


  2. Mike Hawk Says:

    I also like the prohibition of “typewriters (except portable)”. Is there such a thing as a non-portable typewriter that one could take somewhere?

  3. Sean Says:

    What else are you going to burn for a campfire if you don’t have a human corpse? Get real.

  4. broncosrule Says:

    You’re right, Sean. I totally forgot how pleasant the smell of burning hair and flesh is. Nothing says I love the outdoors like sitting under a starry sky and roasting marshmellows over a burning corpse.

  5. Usually a Fan Says:

    You could just burn the whole island. If, for example, a huge lightning storm hit the campground where you were staying.

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