Intriguing Offal Breaks Through

Finally, some recognition for this blog. I slave away at least 1 hour / week on this puppy, and, up until now, have yet to reap any profit or praise for my work. I was just days away from quitting blogging altogether, when I received a notice asking me to fly to LA for a blog festival award ceremony at the Kodak Theatre (all expenses paid). Unfortunately, I will have to accept the award by videoconference, because I have to meet with my colleagues on the Nobel Prize committee to begin reviewing this year’s nominees. Right after that, I have to fly to Berlin for the World Cup Finals. They’ve asked me to take Barthez’ in place in goal (if the French make it), or to be the center ref (if the French don’t make). I’m still quite honored by the blog award, though. Also, check out the sweet banner they made for my blog. I think I’ll tatoo it on my back.

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2 Comments on “Intriguing Offal Breaks Through”

  1. Kari Says:

    Hey! Congratulations!!! What an esteemed privilege it is to be a friend of such a well-respected and honored personage such as yourself.

    Keep on bloggin’!

  2. Usually a Fan Says:

    Nice work!

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