A Giant Meteor Hitting the Earth

In case you haven’t seen it yet, a Japanese group made an animation of what would happen if a giant meteor hit the Earth. It’s 7.5 minutes long, but I think it’s worth watching. Click on the image below for the link to the video. It’s important to emphasize that this meteor is not some little 3 mile rock. The group who made the video describe the meteor as having a diameter roughly the breadth of the island of Honshu, which, according to Wikipedia ranges from 50 to 230 km wide. Basically, it’s huge. Huge enough that Bruce, Billy Bob, and Ben aren’t going to save us, no matter how hot Liv is. My advice is to not worry about the odds of this happening to us and enjoy the video.


One more comment/question:

If this did happen, would you rather be:

1) Right in the impact zone of the meteor, so that you were crushed by the big rock instantaneously (after getting to see the coolest eclipse ever),

2) On the total opposite side of the Earth so that you get roughly 6 minutes to live and then get to see the biggest fire ever (i.e. buildings burning and oceans evaporating),


3) An astronaut on the spacestation, where you’d get to see the whole thing for real, and then know that you were totally hosed because you can’t ever go home?

Along this line, do astronauts get cyanide pills or do they just open the door to space and start floating away? Because if I were an astronaut up at Mir with Lance Bass and Dennis Tito with no hope of going home, I think I’d take the longest walk ever rather than try to restart society on the moon with them.

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10 Comments on “A Giant Meteor Hitting the Earth”

  1. Mike Lewis Says:

    I think i’d rather be on the other side of the earth so i could see the fires “and stuff” – just thought you’d like to know

  2. Kari Says:

    Ummm..in answer to your question: I think I’d want to be annihilated right away. There’s no reason to delay the pain!

    Also – do you really think the orbit of the Mir is far enough away from the earth that they wouldn’t be affected? If they didn’t get vaporized from that big backsplash thingy, they’d at least get tumbled away and there’d probably be damage to the station and they’d die.

    Creepy video tho…thanks for sharing.


  3. broncosrule Says:

    Excellent point, Kari. I can tell that you’ve given this some thought. I will amend my previous question to reflect your comment about Mir not being safe from the blast. Rather, let’s assume that you are vacationing on the moon at the new moon campground and you witness this celestial tragedy…

  4. Kari Says:

    Ha ha!!!

    How old do you think we’ll be when people start regularly and affordably vacationing on the moon?

    I’m wagering at least 200 years old. Politics just slows the whole process down.

  5. Kyp Says:

    Assuming you were on the moon at the time, wouldn’t you just go open an airlock?

  6. faris Says:

    kalau saya malu saya

  7. Keano Uchiha Says:

    Dang, I can’t see the video, it was deleted by YOUTUBE! >_<! But by seeing the picture I’d rather live on a passing meteor that is right behind this one. I wouldn’t be able to see the earth from behind it.

  8. ajhan Says:

    is this a comment?

  9. depe Says:

    beautifull picture

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