Safe Place for Your Kids to Play

la river in the concrete

The "beautiful" LA river

I've lived in the LA area for 9 months. One thing that really bothers me about LA is the air pollution. It's so bad that the LA Times publishes the air quality for each town right onto the daily weather map.  Another disgusting thing is how the LA  river has been completely encased in concrete.  (For an interesting discussion of the LA river, check out this link.) 

I was riding along this train of eco-thought the other day on my way to work and I noticed a new park that had been built in Pasadena.  All of the jungle gym equipment (monkey bars, swings, etc.) are so shiny and nice.   The grass is well-cut, green, and looks great.  However, there is a GIGANTIC set of power lines running right over the park.  Seriously, these are the lines that drop into the LA basin from the San Gabriel Mountains and they must carry quite a load of electricity with them.  Just a couple of months ago, the power lines had nothing but a dirt lot underneath them.  I guess the city of Pasadena decided to clean up the lot and encourage the kids to play outside at the same time. 

  power lines and parks

A new park in Pasadena

I know that it is not proven that electromagnetic fields generated by power lines are dangerous, but still, you won't find me hanging upside down on the monkey bars under these electric death rays.


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