Shipping Rice to the North

I monitor Google News a lot because I like the fact that the stories are being selected by a computer rather than by a person. I also like how Google News bundles stories and photos from many different media outlets under the same subject. For example, a story about a recent suicide bomb in Iraq will have the same story from hundreds of different newspapers and media websites linked to it. Also, they include photos that are relevant to the stories. This allows the reader to get several different perspectives (sometimes) on the same story.

Anyway, the photos that they include are not always pulled from the same source as the lead article. This "feature" led to one of the funniest accidental postings I've seen in a while. A few months back I was on Google News and I noticed that the lead article was titles "South Korea to Ship Rice to North." I thought that the article was about an announcement from the South Korean government that they were going to provide humanitarian aid to North Korea in the form of rice shipments. However, the photo that was next to the article was one of Condoleeza Rice waving at some administrative function. Ha, Ha! I guess this means that the South Koreans don't like Secretary of State Rice any more than we do and they're ready to ship her off to North Korea for a good-old-fashioned-communist-enemy-of-the-state punishment party.

shipping rice

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