Heart Healthy Pork

That's right, folks.  Researchers at the University of Missouri have created genetically engineered pigs that they hope will produce pork chops and bacon that will be better on the ticker than normal pigs.  Most of us have heard of omega-3 fatty acids and the positive effects that they can have (reduced risk of strokes and heart attacks).  These omega-3 fatty acids are more prevalent in fish than in our other, more terrestrial meat sources.  However, now, thanks to the genious of biotechnology and genetic engineering, scientists have inserted the gene that converts omega-6 fatty acids (bad) into omega-3 fatty acids into fetal pig cells.  They cloned these cells and raised ten little piggies.  Six of the piglets had increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Apparently, pigs often have coronary heart disease and die younger than they should.  So a telling sign for these researchers will be whether these six pigs outlive their omega-6 rich clones and have fewer heart problems.  As an aside, it makes you wonder if the ham you ate this morning on your McGriddle sandwich came from a pig that had a heart attack.  That can't be good…

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3 Comments on “Heart Healthy Pork”

  1. Dr. Mark Buffalo Says:

    I don’t eat pork anymore. For multiple reasons, including the way pigs are raised and the handling of the meat. At this point I think that the way most of our meat is ‘grown’ is so artificial it can’t be healthy. But I do like to get my omega-3’s from fish, mostly salmon. and then I found out that farmed salmon are almost just as bad. My question is: where can I get healthy, non GMO omega-3’s anymore?

  2. broncosrule Says:

    I don’t think there is any food source on the planet that hasn’t been tainted by the evils of modern science. It’s enough to have to worry about genetic modification and chemical fertizilers, but how about the fact that much of the water we drink has been “cleaned up” by a waste water treament facility. How are we to know that the plants that we eat haven’t been watered by water that came from one of these dens of biological modification?

    My advice. Get all your nutrients from pills. For omega-3’s, try the following website:

  3. Kari Says:


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