Google Trends Rocks!

Google Trends launched today. It is a tool that reports the number of searches that people have initiated using Google search over the last couple of years. You type in any search term and it will return a chart that shows you how popular that term has been over the last few years. Additionally, if there are major spikes in the chart (due to drastic increases in the number of searches for that term) Google will attempt to line them up with events at that time that contributed to the increased popularity. It also breaks out the search popularity by cities, regions, and languages. On top of that, you can compare up to five search terms at a time.

For example (and a boring example at that), check out what I got for Paris Hilton:

I'll make sure to post any good ones I get. Any ideas?

Paris Hilton Google trends

School District Gives Paris Hilton The Brush Off
Jackson – Jan 11 2005
Paris Hilton apologizes for hacking of cell phone list
Eyewitness News – Feb 23 2005
Paris Hilton Engaged To Shipping Heir Paris Latsis
The Moderate Voice – May 31 2005
Paris Hilton No. 1 'search term' on Lycos for 2005
Monsters and – Dec 13 2005
Court Grants Restraining Order Against Paris Hilton
FOX News – Feb 8 2006
Tom Cruise, Paris Hilton win awards at Razzies – Mar 5 2006
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