10,000 Dollar Bill!

Ever wondered what a 10,000 dollar bill looks like?  Well, check it out below.   The  Department of Treasury hasn't printed these puppies since 1945, and they were withdrawn from circulation in 1969, so it's pretty unlikely that you'll be asked to crack a 10 G bill next time you're working the graveyard shift at the old Kwik 'e' Mart.

 10000 dollar bill front

10000 dollar bill back

 A couple of comments:

1)  The face on the $10G bill belongs to Salmon P. Chase.  Chase was a Darmouth grad (AD).  He went on to be Lincoln's Secretary of Treasury, and, if you believe Gore Vidal in "Lincoln," he was a total a-hole and tried to sabatoge Lincoln's presidency for his own benefit.  Eventually, his ambition and his inability to work with the rest of the cabinet led to his resignation from the cabinet in 1864.  Apparently, he mended his relationship with Lincoln, because when Supreme Court Justice Robert Taney died later that year, Lincoln nominated Chase to take his position.  Chase remained on the court until his death in 1873. 

2)  Adjusted for inflation, $10,000 in 1969 is worth $53,099.60 in 2005 dollars.  I wonder who we would put on the $53,100 dollar bill if we had one now? 

bush on 10000 dollar bill

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21 Comments on “10,000 Dollar Bill!”

  1. C-four Says:

    Why are the backs of the 10,000 bills above different? The one on top looks totally fake, like monopoly money.

  2. broncosrule Says:

    The backs are different, because one is a 10,000 dollar bill from 1945 and one is a 10,000 dollar bill from 2005.

  3. Mike Lewis Says:

    yeah, AD! It’s almost cooler getting your face on the 10k bill. I wonder if you get any of them for free if you’re on it?

  4. ashley Says:

    i hav a 10000 dollar bill anyone interested

    • gibran bari Says:

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  5. broncosrule Says:

    Yes, we are all interested. Also, can you teach us how to spell? You can? Great! So it’s settled. You’re going to give us a 10,000 dollar bill and teach us how to spell. How is Saturday for you?

  6. SINISTER Says:

    I have a $500 bill i keep for good luck and it’s working so far!

    check out http://www.thecurrencyhouse.com/historyofhighdenoms

  7. gambino Says:

    bought 10000 dollar bill will they grow in value as economy improves as i get offers.and dont make fun of my typing as the 1970 bronx public schools stinkl mr g

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  9. Brentley Fry Says:

    send a 3 100 Dollar Bills

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  11. leo hechanova Says:

    I have a 10,000 dollar bill in my hands right now and I am willing to sell it to interested buyer or collector. here’s number for those who are interested. (0921-253-3342 / +6347 (223-9524)

  12. I have a old dollar bill and I am willing to sell it to…

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  15. malcolm Says:


  16. TONY Says:

    can any body tell me if 10,000 dollar bill wher made in large notes or in small notes only .its a 1934 also the ink is dark. A00000126A

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