Baby Jumping

Book your tickets now, because the annual baby jumping festival in Castrillo de Murcia, Spain is only eight weeks away. In this bizarre festival, grown men, dressed as El Colacho (the devil) jump over tiny babies to ward off bad luck and to cleanse the babies of the evil that infests them when they are born. (You have to love how far these people have taken the concept of original sin: Not only are you born evil, but you have to have some crazy old man jumping over you to save your soul.) Anyway, here are some picture below to get you excited about your trip to Spain. I wasn't able to figure out how much boozing these fellows have undertaken before they bound over the bambinos, though, so don't put your kid out there to be hopped on.
baby jumping

jumping colachol

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2 Comments on “Baby Jumping”

  1. Mike Lewis Says:

    where do you find this stuff. This is awesome

  2. lee-yanna Says:

    woah…so scary!! make my heart beating like hell. what if the man falls on top of the babies? will the small, innocent babies die?

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