Doggy Bag?

I was at the Glendale Galeria mall yesterday. (Actually a pretty nice little Saturday. We went to Home Depot, bought some wallpaper, got some flooring, stuff like that. Even hit Bed, Bath, & Beyond, cause we had enough time.)

But, no really, I was at the mall yesterday and while I was waiting in the shoe department at Nordstrom I saw this woman get up and start to walk away, WITH HER LITTLE PRINCESS DOG IN A ROLLING DOGGY BAG! Of course, I couldn't resist capturing the ridiculousness of the situation and I snapped a picture with my cell phone.

Then, I thought I'd look up to see how much this woman spent on her "doggy bag."  She probably payed around $100 for it (see link above).  But that's not the most you could spend for a pet transportation system.  Turns out, you can spend a ton of money on pet strollers – up to $300!

Some comments:

1) I bet none of those strollers have radios / mp3 players built into them. Add a top-of-the line stereo for the little mutts and you could charge thousands for the pet strollers.

2) Add climate control to the stroller. That way people can take their pride pets to any type of event and not have to worry about hyperthermia or heat exhuastion. Again, this would allow for a big price markup.

3) I can totally see somebody paying too much for the first two "options" I've suggested. I wonder if they would pay for some type of alarm system with GPS built into it…

Photo of an actual doggy stroller / rolling suitcase. No faces are shown in the picture to protect the identities of the innocent.
rolling bag for your dog

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