Ideas for When I’m CEO

Today was a beautiful day in Pasadena (where I live and work). It was one of those rare days where it rained all morning and then cleared up in the afternoon in time for a gorgeous, smog-free view of the San Gabriel mountains. (See picture below.)

san gabriel mountains above pasadena

San Gabriel Mountains above Pasadena

Anyway, as I was looking outside at 5:00PM, watching the sunset, I realized how annoying it is to have to work everyday and how trapped I feel when I think about having to be in this stupid building for 8-10 hours every day.

So, when I start my own company (I don’t even have an idea for a company yet), I think I’m going to paint jail cell bars on all of the windows. It will be especially effective for:

1) windows that are high on the walls and small

jail windows

2) large windows / glass doors that you can paint to look like a jail cell door

jail door

If that goes over well enough, I’m going to make people start wearing an orange jumpsuit to use the phone.

jail phone
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One Comment on “Ideas for When I’m CEO”

  1. David Tice Says:

    I don’t want to think about your eventual shower policy…

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