So my sister-in-law left for a semester in Mongolia last night. She’s going over there for three months and is going to make a documentary on the nomadic people of Mongolia while she’s there. (Apparently, the nomads in Mongolia are some of the last nomads in the world.) Anyway, I thought I’d put down some random facts about Mongolia to educate others.

1) There is a Chinese proverb that says, “When Mongolia parties, the rest of Asia closes it’s doors.” This proverb makes sense when you think about the fact that Genghis Khan was definitely from Mongolia and Attila the Hun was probably from the area that is now Mongolia. Now imagine the guys in the images below getting totally wasted. I would worry about a lot more than them passing out on my front lawn.
Attila the hun genghis khan army

Atilla the Hun and Genghis Khan’s Army

2) When Donald Rumsfeld visited Mongolia in October, 2005, he received a gift from the Mongolian government – a thoroughbred Mongolian steed that he named Montana. Since he couldn’t take the horse home with him, he left it in Mongolia and asked a local herdsman to take care of the horse for him. As payment for this, he offered the man a flashlight.

3) Mongolia is roughly the size of Alaska and only has 2.7 million people.

4) Ulan Bataar is the capital and it is pronounced: U-lawn bah-tur (emphasis on the first syllable of each word).

5) The traditional home of the Mongolian nomads is the yurt, but in Mongolia it is pronounced ger. See here for more info on the gers. Also, apparently the suburbs of Ulan Bataar are gers. So, as you’re driving out of the capital, you basically just enter neighborhoods of these tent-like edifices. I guess the Mongolians really like their gers.

A Mongolian Ger

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One Comment on “Mongolia”

  1. mike lewis Says:

    What i like to know is why Mongolians always have the stereotype for being huge, ripped guys? Did they have some initial free-weight system? Is there a Mongolian Bowflex that i don’t know about? If i was creating a bowflex competitor, i’d say it came from Mongoloa.

    Also, they never mention the girls – at least not in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which is where i learn about most world history.

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