Windmills and Smog


Photo by Jared Fry

This is is the windfarm that is in the valley on the way to Palm Springs (coming from the west). The amazing colors are caused by all the LA smog that sits in this valley when the windmills slow down the air. Disgusting and amazing at the same time.

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3 Comments on “Windmills and Smog”

  1. Jared Fry Says:

    I’m Jared Fry, and I didn’t take that picture. It’s kinda’ cool, both the picture and the fact that there’s another one of me running around.


  2. Gilly Says:

    I just wanted to say to the Jared Fry who didn’t take the photo, it is cool knowing there’s another person with your name running around somewhere. My son is also called Jared Fry!!! I’ve only ever met one other Jared where I live in the South of England so to know there are other Jared Fry’s is quite weird!

  3. Gilly Says:

    P.S. To the Jared Fry that did take the photo – nice work!!

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